March 22, 2012


Quitty prickly refers to my uncontrollable bursts of spooneristic speech:  pail nolish, weans and bieners and bood fank.

Recently, a fellow canvassing for the charity Kare for Kids knocked on my door.  I wanted to ask him why Kare was spelled with a K.  I mean if they are going to bastardize the English language like that, they may as well stick a Z on the end of Kid and call it a day:  Kare for Kidz.

He asked me for some money to help the kids with "Bina Spifida".

I laughed at this.  I said "it's Spina Bifida, not Bina Spifida".  He said that he had been saying it that way for more than twenty years and no one had ever corrected him.  I told him that it was his lucky day, and then I forked over $20 because I'm a sucker.

Yesterday I was at Starbucks, in desperate need of some caffeine and when the barista asked me what I wanted, I said "a tai chi latte, please".  Pause.  Laughter.  "I mean, a chai tea latte!"  The barista smiled and said, " I knew what you meant".
She asked me my name, and you know what?  She spelled it with a K:  Kristine.


Today's topic:  A Word Block.

Yesterday, I sewed a block for an all-Canadian quilting bee that I'm in called Unscripted.  The block spelled out the word HUZZAH!  HUZZAH is an expression or shout of acclaim - often used interjectionally to express joy or approbation.  The librarian in me feels the need to cite Webster's online @  I like that it can be used in an "either/or" sense:
    • to express joy             I found the car keys! Huzzah!
  • to express approbation     The wild huzzah of the rampagers as they pillaged the village was worse than death itself.

But I digress.  The Queen Bee (boss of the quilting bee) asked for blocks containing one's favourite word.  Good lord, how to choose?  I have so many:  kibosh, chaos, canoodle, moxie, jinx, ersatz, queue, toea, qat, qi (can you tell that I'm a Scrabbler?).

Huzzah is one of those words that I would like to use more frequently because I love it - how can you not love a word that starts and ends with the same letter and has a double "ZED" or ("ZEE" for my American friends) smack dab in the middle of it.

And so huzzah was the winner.

The sewing of the block took me quite some time - two hours, in fact - which was MUCH longer than I had anticipated. I made up the letters myself out of paper and I am sure that there is a better way to do this but I learned quite a bit.  Let me also confess that it's only my second time working with the dreaded triangle and this time it wasn't a failure.  I let out quite the HUZZAH! at the end of it all.  The block's been posted to Kamloops, BC and I hope that Nicole of Victory and Peace enjoys it.  I stuck a funny sticker on the envelope that says "if you don't like what's inside, give it back!".