January 16, 2013

On Being Creative

Last weekend, I went to Toronto with my honey for a much-needed getaway.  Shopping at the St. Lawrence flea market on Sunday morning was a definite highlight.  Initially, I wasn't sure that it would be worth my while, it is Toronto after all, and if the odds and sods are priced anything like the city's real estate -- ouch! -- I wouldn't be buying anything.

Things I saw and coveted:
  • midmod sterling jewellery that I couldn't afford
  • a black leather and fur hat - a steal at $70
  • hammered sterling earrings with green glass cabochons by Rafael (Canadian jewellery designer - he had his heyday in the seventies)
I ignored most of the book stalls, but one dealer specialized in Arts and Crafts and so I looked at her wares.  I got sucked into a book featuring the designs of Dard Hunter.  DH, a printing / papermaking / design pioneer active in A & C is awesome.  His preferred medium?  Paper.

I am a dumbass because I didn't write down the name of the book; however, as a good librarian, I should be able to figure it out.  I know that the word "rebel" was in the title and the approximate time period that it was published... maybe when I have some time to look up something flighty, I will.   

Another clue:  I did write down an inspirational quote from DH himself (on a paper bag that contained the remains of my greasy breakfast sandwich) :

Yeah, yeah. It's backwards, I know.  Dumb photobooth.

Here, don't even bother with the idle scratching above.

I do love this quote; it energizes me and it's so true.

And so, I have been sewing like a nut this week.  Here's a preview.  First - a cushion pour moi.  Haven't made "his" yet - there won't be one.  ha hahahahaha.

And a cushion cover, in progress.  Harder to make those wretched circles than it looks. Inspired by the work of the textile designer and quilter Malka Dubrawsky.  I still have to quilt the top, make some binding and assemble it.

Lastly, I submitted a piece of writing to a Canada Writes Challenge.  I wrote about a bad 80's song which originated from Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique (Moonlight serenade, no. 8). The Beethoven is sad and beautiful, reminds me of lost loves.

Click here to read the piece:  Blue