December 31, 2014


Made this scrappy mashup from a LOT of Noro leftovers. I owed Gwen a hat for Christmas - so what if it’s 6 days late?

That is NOT Gwen modeling the hat.  It's Gretchen, international woman of mystery.  Laughing hard.  

I am thinking that Gretchen should have gone with a less orange hue on her kisser:

If any of you are inclined to knit this hat, here's the pattern that I wrote (my first!):  


Yarn - I used a lot of bulky and superbulky: Noro Iro, and Kureyon.  You may want to hold together two different yarns (e.g. two stands of worsted to achieve desired thickness)

Pattern instructions

Cast on 82 stitches using cable rib cast on (k2 p2 rib) on a circular. Join, place marker. Knit until ribbing is desired height (I like ~ 2 inches).

Add in new yarns whenever you like, going for maximum stripey effect. I had some fun with slipping stitches to get that wacky pattern in the first band of fuchsia.  If you want to try this, here is how I achieved that effect (if you don't want that, just skip the next couple of lines - go down to the +)

1st round: Colour A is the fuchsia.  With colour B (greenish variegated here), *k1, slip 1 (with yarn in back)* for the whole row.
2nd round:  With B, * purl 1, slip 1 (with yarn in back)* for the whole row
3rd round:  Knit entire round with colour A

I think that it looks pretty good, but I might not do it next time.

+ Knit until hat measures ~ 6 inches tall.

Shape crown
1st row: k1 (k2tog, k6) 10 times. 71 sts.

2nd and every alternate row: knit.

3rd row: k1 (k2tog, k5) 10 times. 61 sts.
5th row: k1 (k2tog, k4) 10 times. 51 sts.
7th row: k1 (k2tog, k3) 10 times. 41 sts.
9th row: k1 (k2tog, k2) 10 times. 31 sts.
11th row: k1 (k2tog, k1) 10 times. 21 sts.
13th row: k1 (k2tog) 10 times. 11 sts.

Break off yarn, run yarn through remaining stitches, draw up and fasten off.

Make a GIGANTIC pompom. Attach and you’re golden.
Revel in your creative genius. :-)

Optional Musical Pairing - Doozer Knitting Song, natch.