February 03, 2015

They Will Get Fatter Before They Get Frostbite

These were the maximum, minimum and mean temperatures (degrees Celsius) in London, Ontario for Friday, January 30 (data from Climate Canada):


According to the Thames Valley District School Board, these "extreme" temperatures warrant an indoor recess, even if it's sunny outside.

My kids - especially my eleven year old son - hate indoor recess.  They object to the boredom ("There's nothing to do.  You have to sit at your desk.  You can't even stand up!")  

When I asked my son who supervised them ("teachers peek in and then leave") and if he'd rather go outside even if it was on the cold side, he emphatically replied, "yes!".  The children know more than we think they do...

I found this on the TVDSB website:


  • A COLD WEATHER ALERT has been issued today and for the coming days by Public Health officials in all areas of the Thames Valley District School Board.

  • Officials have reminded "residents to take precautions to protect themselves from the cold. Those particularly at risk include older adults; infants and young children; outdoor workers; those who like outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking; and homeless persons or others who do not have shelter, proper clothing or food."

    A cold weather alert is issued when current or anticipated weather conditions are at or below -15 degrees Celsius or -20 with wind chill

    And we wonder why our youth continue to get fatter.   It's total bullsnow, in my opinion.  

    If the children are properly attired (hat, mitts, coat, snowpants and warm (NOT RUBBER) boots), they will be fine.  And no one should pull this move:

    image from http://webecoist.momtastic.com


    I am so disgusted with the School Board that I will be sending this blog post to the Superintendent, and to the Principal and Vice-Principal of my children's school.

    Children need regular exercise.

    They will get fatter before they get frostbite.

    Optional musical pairing - Fat Children by Tim Minchin

    Addendum:  There was another indoor recess today.  AND THE SUN SHONE ALL DAY.

    Addendum (added today, Feb 4th):  The School Board actually replied to one of my tweets.  *Still in shock*.  

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    - Hi Christine! We don’t really have a policy on indoor recess during cold temps. It is normally left up to the school.