March 19, 2016

For Ai's Eyes Only

Nathaniel had to do an art project.  He chose you.  He saw your show at the AGO in Toronto, we watched your documentary, his Mom follows you on Twitter and is always reporting on your interesting and evocative installations and works.  You are the BEST dissident artist!

He had to make a 5-sided cube with images relating to your art on the sides.  He has to place 5 items in the box (a caonima that he sewed, some lego, a stuffed cat because you like cats, a paper printout of our tweet to you, and a piece of rice.)

Here's a picture of Nathaniel holding his project:

the caonima he sewed out of an old sock

crabs and sunflower seeds

lego snake (akin to your knapsack installation) and a drawing of his version of your trees

CN tower.  Nath enjoyed flipping the bird.  We predict that his teacher will censor this...

We hope you enjoy Nathaniel's homage to you.


Addendum.  Sat. March 19th.  He really is awesome: