October 04, 2013

Yakety Yak is Back!

I have ceased the vow! Some friends dropped by the house last night and I spoke - quietly. I think I sound strange - it's very disquieting.  nyuk, nyuk.

For your viewing pleasure, from Stanford Medicine, here's a picture of what I am hoping to avoid, although it may be too late.

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What I have learned:

Not Speaking Makes Me Even Bitchier Than I Normally Am

Not Speaking is Liberating

My Children Like Me

A Lot of People Think That I am an Idiot

A Lot of People Think That I am Awesome!

My Throat Feels Less Like Sandpaper and More Like Butta

Some Individuals Enjoyed the Challenge of Trying to "Make" The Silent One Speak

A Lot of What Comes Out of my Mouth is Unnecessary:

Your Vocal Cords Have Feelings Too

Children are Smarter Than You Think

Yelling Gets You Everywhere Nowhere

Thank you to those of you who offered kind words of support and encouragement.


This goes out to my children:  Yakety Yak by the Coasters